Hi, my name is Jaiden Fahey, I’m a freelance artist that has been working within the music industry for a number of years.

I was introduced into graphic design at a young age, with my first design being posters made for my old high school band. With my work improving it led to me making posters for some other local bands. Since then I have started creating merchandise, album covers, brand identities, and even websites.

Continuing to work with new artists it gave me the chance to make new friends and have more opportunities to grow and advance my knowledge with visual designs.

When working on projects, I know and understand that I’m not only representing myself, but another human, artist, or brand. Which means I will create something that we can both be proud to share.

While working on a project I tend to work as close as I can with the client so we can create a clear vision of where we want to end up. I do feel that experimentation has a large importance in any form of design though, so I will often spend my own extra time attempting a few different paths, just to see if one fits.

I’m always looking for new projects to get involved with, so if you feel that we could work well together, please get in touch.